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Aug 29, 2018

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By Schick Shadel July 5, 2018 No Comments Alaska ranks near the top of charts for residents that are involved with alcohol and illicit drug use and abuse. Drug and alcohol addiction in Alaska is on the rise and the available treatment, funds, and facilities simply cannot keep up with this increase. In 2017, Alaska spent an estimated $3 billion of tax payers dollars to pay for drug and alcohol related incidents.  These incidents include welfare cases, traffic accidents associated with impairment, healthcare cost, increased crime rates, and other factors. The pulmonary rehab aetna money is being expended in order to combat the drug and alcohol problem rather than eliminating it. For example, Alaska rehab centers have less than 30 in-facility rooms and beds for alcohol and drug treatment. Alaska cannot reduce the rate of alcohol and drug related issues and spending, when they simply don’t have the resources to treat the residents struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Having limited resources to combat addiction in Alaska only creates more problems associated and substance abuse will continue to rise. Finding the correct rehab treatment facility is critical to treating addiction and keeping a life of sobriety.  Alaskans may need to look outside of Alaska for treatment centers and resources. Schick Shadel treats addiction as a medical condition, not a moral failure. Over the past 80 years, they have utilized scientific evidence and research to create the longest running U.S. addiction rehab and detox program. They have treated over 80,000 patients using Aversion Therapy, a form of  counter conditioning . The success rate is nearly 70% ( *a study showed that 69% of patients were sober 12 months after treatment. ) Schick Shadel’s rehab program is also unique, it is only 10 days (not including detox) to complete the rehab program. Because it is treated as a medical condition, both the physiological and psychological are medically addressed by medical doctors and professionals.

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what is crack cocaine vs cocaine